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Emery L Grover

Hailing from a small town in Kansas, E. L. Grover's upbringing was shaped by the ranch life in Nebraska. Growing up surrounded by cattle and horses, his love for science fiction appeared as an unexpected plot twist in his life. Along with the rich experiences of country life, his imagination was fueled by the likes of Sherlock Holmes, The Three Musketeers, and even Tom Sawyer.
College opened his eyes to the enchanting worlds of high fantasy and science fiction stories. He found inspiration in the works of authors like Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, RA Salvatore, and Robert Jordan, whose storytelling skills brought vivid worlds to life. The experience inspired him to write a high fantasy story filled with magical creatures and epic battles. Though it didn't take off, it became a familiar stage he frequently visited. The project had ignited within him a passion for this type of writing. He just needed a guide.
After graduating from college, he started sharing his talent for storytelling on a forum, posting short stories. One of his peers approached him and asked if he had ever tried writing a novel. It took some time and effort to convince him, but eventually, he agreed to try. With guidance and tools, he embarked on his writing journey. He worked on two full manuscripts that are now published and has several other ideas in various stages of development.

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