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Humanity has started to colonize other worlds and learned the lessons of colonization anew. A recent war with a neighboring alien race has prompted changes in Earth’s military. Straining the relationship between Earth and her colonies. Worlds such as Tronis, now a trade center that was spared from the war. Pirates have started to attack the Tronis trade routes. The latest attack has taken hostages, and the government is forced to ask for help from Earth. Enter Gamma Squadron, the United Nations Space Corps’ latest evolution of Earth’s special forces teams. Commander Jubert and his two squads lead by Chief Petty Officer Keith, and Petty Officer First Class Holte, are tasked with rescuing the hostages and putting an end to this piracy with any means necessary. The only complication is the presence of a journalist, John Aerovant. This adds one more life Keith must protect amid a battle inside a pirate stronghold.

Coming Soon! 

The Avalon Assignment

Follow Gamma Squadron on their next adventure! John Aerovant follows them again into battle as he chases his story! Will Gamma finally face the enemy they suspect helped the pirates? 

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